Six Decades of Help… Why Is Aid Not Working?

  That’s right! And the reason is simply because development has largely been de-linked from politics. According to Leftwich, politics determines development success/ failure. Politics is everything. It is about the distribution of resources, power structures, interests and social contracts. But in Africa, the Big-man syndrome carries the day. So why should development agencies care… Continue reading Six Decades of Help… Why Is Aid Not Working?


Women are better leaders. Look at Ma Sirleaf!

“The men of this country have failed us.” Sirleaf in her address during her inauguration in 2006. Have you watched the Iron Ladies of Liberia? Ellen Johnson Sirleaf inspires me! I am a woman. I will probably be biased on this post but I feel Liberia’s President Sirleaf is the best Africa has seen. In 2005,… Continue reading Women are better leaders. Look at Ma Sirleaf!

Beyond Peace: Does a Political Settlement solve the problem?

  Africa saw a new wave of power sharing in 2008 after the post-election violence in Kenya. The following year, Zimbabwe churned its way through a grand coalition government potentially avoiding electoral protests.There were talks that subsequent elections in Africa would follow the same route due to the tendency of incumbents refusing to accept defeat. Was… Continue reading Beyond Peace: Does a Political Settlement solve the problem?

Reforming the Kenya Police Reforms

Reform processes are lengthy and highly political. They can be policy, institutional or sectoral. Generally, they are executive led particularly in developing countries. The normal idea is that it will go through this cycle. However, Dasandi argues that reforms are never this linear.  Most of the times, the policies never get implemented. New opponents to… Continue reading Reforming the Kenya Police Reforms

Are Non-State Actors prolonging DRC conflict?

Joseph Kabila made a political concession on 30th December, 2016 when he agreed to a deal with the opposition. This followed protests from some citizens when his government extended its authority to 2018 despite his term ending on 19th December, 2016. The deal seeks to stop the president from extending to a third term and… Continue reading Are Non-State Actors prolonging DRC conflict?

Tragedy of the Commons: Losing the fight against corruption

Of the six East African countries, Rwanda is the only country that seems to be winning the fight against corruption. According to the TI's corruption perception index 2016, Rwanda stands at 50th /176 countries. Tanzania follows at 116th, Kenya at 145th, Uganda at 151st, Burundi at 159th and South Sudan at 175th. See 2016 Corruption… Continue reading Tragedy of the Commons: Losing the fight against corruption

Of half-baked graduates and doctors’strike. Is Kenya a legitimate state?

In 2012, Kenya’s immediate former President Mwai Kibaki signed a new University Act that saw the elevation of 15 university colleges to full universities status thus increasing the number of public universities to 22. This increased access to higher education as the cut off entry points were lowered. Read more here The unintended consequences of… Continue reading Of half-baked graduates and doctors’strike. Is Kenya a legitimate state?